Halles St. Gery, Brussels

Exhibition:  4th. July - 28th. August 2013

The "Postcard Politics" exhibition is up and running and available for viewing (on the outside walls) until 28th August. We hope that you will come along to take a look and to pick up a few postcards (available free of charge) from the reception at Halles St. Gery. The Postcards can be kept or sent to one or other of the politicians whose addresses are listed on the back of the cards.

Background information about the project is available in the following languages ... Flemish/Dutch, French, English and German ... and the official exhibition poster can be downloaded here.

A most amiable journalist from "FM Brussels" came by during the mounting of the pictures and made this short interview.

Here is a gallery of the individual current works: [ Click here].

Below are a few photos of the exhibition including some taken after nightfall and some of us hanging the pictures.

A tour of the building starting with the south wall ... 101
The top half of the south wall picture 102
The main entrance (east wall)
picture 103
Top of the west wall. The smaller pictures are to allow light to enter the offices behind.
picture 104
The centre of the west wall
picture 105
The bottom end of the west wall
picture 106
Some night-time views of the work ... Night 1
The south wall lit up Night 2
The east wall with the busy café Night 3
And here are some photos of the hanging of the pictures ... Prep 1
Some pictures are up Prep 2
The south wall complete Prep 3
Rowan and Peter ... masters in picture-hanging! Masters