We live in a world with complex problems which are sometimes so daunting that they lead us to “switch off” and to disengage. The aim of this project is to attempt to "reactivate" the public with satirical cartoons which strive to cut to the crux of particular issues in order to prompt reflection and discussion.

“Postcard Politics” is a collection of satirical cartoons dealing with current social, political, environmental and economic issues. The pictures are bright and colourful with each one presenting a serious theme and inviting further thought and discussion. Some of the images present a clear message while others leave a certain level of ambiguity. This is intentional as the idea is not to preach but rather to stimulate and, if any viewer draws a different conclusion, that is simply “food for the debate”. The most important thing is that both reflection and debate take place!

Alongside the debate, it is important that individuals take action both to change their own life-styles and to put pressure on governments to implement changes which benefit not only their own electorate but also the planet and those societies in distant lands which are impacted both by environmental changes and by economic policies (e.g. terms of trade).

The author of the pictures is Alan Mitcham, an Englishman living in Cologne, who has been designing and distributing these pictures (for example, as postcards) since 2008. Alan has held exhibitions of his work in Cologne, Frankfurt and London and regularly sends packages of cards to organisations and personalities who are working to improve the world. He has also had written contributions published in the English and the German press.

The Project

The Project uses a number of paths to get exposure for the material including distributing postcards at events and demonstrations, sending cards to figures and personalities who are engaged in politics and decision-making and holding exhibitions of the work.

Designs are available as T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs and Mouse-pads. The distribution of these is not a core activity of Postcard Politics but if you would like to receive one please do get in touch.

If you are a teacher and would like to use the cards in your lessons then please send the postal address of your school to and we will send a sample bundle of cards at no charge and with no obligation. Private individuals can also receive cards but it expected that you cover the postal costs (5 Euro).

Postcard Politics has helped a number of campaign organisations with the design of banners and graphics.

Please do get in touch if you would help or advice with your campaign material.

A selection of the work is available here


Exhibiting the work is an important form of publicity for the project with the following exhibitions having been held.

Euskirchen: Nähcafe 30th. April-10th. July 2014 Nähcafe
Düsseldorf: "Niemandsland" January - March 2014
Brussels: Halles Saint Gery July and August 2013 Exhibition in the historic Market-hall Halles St. Géry
London: St. Georges Hospital, Tooting View Video Jan & Feb 2013
Cologne: Chorweiler November 2012 Exhibition in the Waldorf School
Cologne: Alte Feuerwache Apr. 2012 Exhibition
Frankfurt: Club Voltaire March 2011 Exhibition
Cologne: Alleweltshaus, Ehrenfeld September 2010 Exhibition

Postcard Politics has been involved in and has created material for a number of worthy external projects.

Forthcoming Dates

Below is a list of event dates.

Euskirchen: Nähcafe 30th. April - 10th. July 2013 Nähcafe


Below are full contact details. Please do feel free to e-mail us at:
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